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LuLuLun Cleansing Balm 90g (2 types)

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Clear Black:

Designed for skin that is concerned about blackheads, keratin plugs, and large pores. It quickly blends into your skin to remove dirt deep within your pores in 3 steps: loosen, absorb, and wash away. It removes makeup, sebum and keratin plugs that cause conspicuous pores. It leads to clean and smooth skin.

Rich Moist:

Formulated with emollient veil that forms a moisturizing film, it removes dullness and roughness caused by dead skin cells, while providing a rich cleansing experience. It gently removes makeup and old keratin, leading to soft and smooth skin.

**No need double cleansing.

**Free of parabens, mineral oil, petroleum-based oil, petroleum-based surfactant, synthetic fragrance, artificial color, and alcohol.

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